Trials for the South West

Trials for the South West

12 May 2018

South West trials open day

Anyone who regularly reads the Farming Press will see lots of trials data on how to grow crops, control diseases and sort out Blackgrass! The crops are often Potatoes, Sugar Beet, Vegetables, Rape and Cereals: hardly ever Grass and once a year we hear about Maize. The disease focus is always lead by Yellow Rust and for pests, all about Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle and it’s resistance to chemicals!

We in the South West invariably grow Grass, Maize, Cereals and some Rape and Potatoes and the main cereal diseases are Septoria, Mildew and Brown Rust. In 2009 足彩反水 Seeds developed their Trials Farm to focus on these varieties and disease pressures to produce local and relevant data and insights. The trials include fully replicated (same as National List Protocol) variety work looking at the best suited varieties for the South West. We produce grain yield data from treated cereal variety trials, and we maintain untreated crops to generate information on performance and disease pressure year on year. This is combined with fertilizer, fungicide and plant growth regulator trials to gain knowledge to maximize varietal potential.

On the 21st June 足彩反水 Seeds is hosting its’ annual trials open day to showcase their trials work and to share the insights produced from this regional trials centre. Our dedicated trials demonstration field exhibits a wide selection of cropping and agronomy options presented in a way that gives knowledge transfer opportunities as well as great visual impact. These include:

  • Cereal, Oilseed and Pulse Varieties
  • Grass, Fodder and Forage crop observation plots
  • Fungicide, Fertiliser and Growth Regulator demos
  • Green Cover and Game Cover

All the plots are in one field so you have the freedom to explore the areas that are of interest to you. The 足彩反水 Seeds Team will be manning all the plots to give advice and answer any questions you may have.              

足彩反水 Seeds Trials Open Day is featuring AHDB Arable Connections

AHDB’s Arable Connections is a new feature at this years’ event and will provide advice and information on how growers can overcome technical and economic challenges to their business. AHDB experts will be on hand to showcase the RL barley varieties and provide independent information specific to the locality.  There will be a Monitor Farm debate at 12 noon on the AHDB stand that will bring to life some of the key issues facing agriculture and show how on-farm activities are supporting decision making.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss and contribute to the RL Look Ahead Survey to determine what developments may be useful and ensure the RL continues to meet future needs. 

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